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Bedco Truck Equipment is one of the leading truck body and equipment distribution companies in the southwestern United States. Bedco is a small business with one location in San Diego County, El Cajon California.

Providing service to El Cajon, LA, San Diego County and Imperial County for over fifteen years, Bedco is well known for superior quality and workmanship with over 70 years of combined experience.  We offer a wide variety of products, such as custom service and utility bodies, flatbeds, skatebeds, hydraulic winches, water and fuel trucks, cranes, truck equipment, contractor beds, toolboxes and much more!

"We take pride in building state of the art equipment by incorporating strong stylish designs & functionality, increasing workload while decreasing extra equipment needed to get the job done."

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Utility Truck Bodies & Fabrication Designs

Bedco Utility Truck Bodiesequipment equipment trucktruckBedco Utility Truck Bodiesequipment truckequipment truckBedco Utility Truck Bodiesequipment truckequipment truckBedco Utility Truck Bodiesequipmentequipment truck truckBedco Utility Truck Bodiesequipment equipment trucktruckBedco Utility Truck Bodies

Bedco Truck Gallery

Bedco Utility Truck Bodies equipment truckequipment truckBedco Utility Truck Bodies equipment equipment trucktruckBedco Utility Truck Fabricationequipment truckequipment truckBedco Custom Bumpers equipmentequipment truck truckBedco Custom Bumpers

Dump Trucks, Cranes & Flatbeds

Bedco Dump Trucksequipment truck truckequipmentBedco Dump TruckstruckequipmentequipmenttruckBedco Cranesequipment truckequipment truckBedco Cranes equipment truckequipment truckBedco Flatbedsequipmentequipment truck truckBedco  Flatbeds

Bedco Trucks, Cranes and Flatbeds

Bedco FlatbedsequipmenttruckequipmentequipmentBedco  Flatbedsequipmentequipment truck truckBedco Flatbed Trucksequipment truckequipment truckBedco Flatbeds

Law Enforcement & Production Yard

Bedco Law Enforcement Productsequipment truckequipment truckBedco Law Enforcement Productsequipmentequipment truck truckBedco Law Enforcement Products

Bedco Law Enforement Production Yard

Bedco Production Yardequipment truckequipment truckBedco Production Yardequipment truckequipment truckBedco Production Yard

Other Products

Bedco Westair j9631equipment truckequipment truckBedco Water Trucksequipmentequipment truck truckBedco NCTDequipment truckequipment truckBedco Tommygate

Bedco Products

Bedco Plowsequipment truckequipment truckBedco Utility Hydraulic Pump


Bedco creates custom truck equipment, including:

  • Custom truck body
  • Flatbed truck bodies
  • Skate beds
  • Stake beds
  • Cranes
  • Dump trucks
  • Legend trucks
  • Welding trucks
  • Striping trucks
  • Hauling trucks
  • Cement cutting trucks
  • Utility truck bodies

We offer specialty equipment:

  • Water tanks
  • Emulsion systems
  • On deck compressors
  • Underbody compressors
  • Under hood compressors
  • Winches and Hydraulic winches
  • Hitches and Receivers
  • Toolboxes
  • Underbody boxes
  • Ladder racks
  • Contractor beds
  • Contractor bodies

We also provide services such as:

  • Utility truck parts and Service
  • Custom Paint
  • Custom Applications
  • Restoration

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Bedco Logo

Bedco Truck Equipment, Company Group, Bedco Inc.

1174 Pioneer Way
San Diego, CA 92020

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